The Butterfly Bureau is the specialist division of McRae Communications Consultancy (McCC) created for those with a story inside and a message to share. You may be an aspiring writer filled with doubt, a seasoned author, a business with a story, a practitioner with an important message for the collective – or someone who is yet to discover the transformational power of using words on the page to heal. At its heart, The Butterfly Bureau is about Transformation.

Here you will find professional services including ghostwriting, mentoring packages, coaching worksheets, workshops, technical writing support, editing & proofreading services, manuscript submission advice, marketing, PR, design/formatting as well as the tools to build your author profile, brand and platform. Traditionally, professional agency style services have been out of reach to non-corporate entities, but The Butterfly Bureau is committed to bringing best practice publishing, editorial and global marketing & PR to a wider audience.

You will also find something unique at The Butterfly Bureau. Many want to write but are filled with fear as soon as they face the page – particularly those writing Memoir. We have the skills to help you identify the blocks, and we will take time to work through that fear with you – helping you to transform the story you tell yourself in the process. Sometimes you will find the greatest healing and rewards in the unstoried parts of your story. 

Our services

Memoir Writing Mentorship

A range of packages tailored to meet you where you are in your writing journey.

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Professional writer and published ghostwriter. Member of the Australian Society of Authors.

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Pitching & Submission

If you have a creative project you would like to pitch to a traditional publisher, we offer a Pitching & Submission package to give you the best chance of success.

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Brand, Marketing & PR

Whether you are a complete technophobe, or your time is taken elsewhere, we have a range of services to help you establish your brand and spread your message. Includes WordPress build and design, ebook creation, monthly social media planning and editorial.

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Transform your Story

Heal. Grow. Transform. Narrative therapy principles and healing techniques and practices through writing. One-to-one sessions, online and workshops.

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Worksheets & Workbooks

Learn about a range of writing, publishing, marketing practices, best practice and regulations (including copyright) at your own pace whether you are a writer, creative, business owner or practitioner.