A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Autism

A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Autism

I’m working with an author who has written a practical guide for parents coping with a life-changing diagnosis of Autism. She is, in my humble opinion, an absolute Super Mum and an incredible role model. Being in the unique position of having all 4 boys diagnosed with Classic Autism (so not just somewhere on the Spectrum) she has refused to simply sit at home and ‘accept’ the status quo. She has spent years of her life tirelessly researching, studying and fighting for a quality of life for her beautiful boys and her family. A quality of life which was previously dismissed by the doctors. She has taken all those learning and turned them into a well-crafted book. I want to say she’s Autism’s answer to Erin Brockovich but she would probably either cringe or laugh and shake her head. Her pragmatism and her compassion shine through and I find myself drawn into her world. One of the things I particularly enjoy is the fact she isn’t all ‘Pollyanna’ about it all. She keeps it real which makes her instantly relatable.

As a writer myself, I am overjoyed to see her sheer bloody hard work come to fruition. She has put so much of herself into this project – and all for the greater good. Which is why clients like her are an absolute dream to work with. When a client is passionate about their project, it’s impossible not get swept up in it. But it’s more than that. Those of you familiar with my writing will know I’m all about the woman that saves herself – and I’m all about Transformation. When the odds are stacked against her, it’s resilience and strength of spirit that gets Sarah through. This lady has not only saved herself, but she’s taken her whole family with her and transformed all their lives for the better.

If you or someone you know has been touched by Autism, this is your essential guide. Believe me this book will become your bible and your best friend.

A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Autism by Sarah Ziegel


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