Mini Memoir Mentoring Session (3 hours)

Mini Memoir Mentoring Session (3 hours)



If you are thinking about writing your Memoir but you don’t know where to start, this one-on-one Mini Mentoring Session is designed just for you. It is natural to just start writing when inspiration hits but all too often writers hit the 6,000-word mark and then wonder what to do next.

In this Mini Memoir Mentoring Session, you will receive 3 hours (over the course of a morning or afternoon) dedicated to planning your writing project. During this time you will receive:

  • Prepare for Success – a mini checklist/guide through all the stages of Memoir
  • guidance on how long does it take to write a Memoir. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t happen in one weekend.
  • useful resource links and information about the tools of the craft. Let’s make the writing life a little easier.
  • advice on how to identify your ‘real’ story. If you have already decided what your story is about we can review this in the session. We discuss whether this is the ‘best story we can tell.
  • information on the genre. What is it and why is getting it right so important?
  • an opportunity to start writing …
  • the chance to ask any questions you want about the writing process

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive ‘Prepare for Success’.  We will be in touch via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment to arrange your Mini Memoir Mentorship Session.


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