Memorable words

Memorable words

eviemcraeI can’t think of many greater gifts than to teach and encourage your child to use a dictionary from a young age.

If I asked how to spell something my mother would always say, ‘Look it up’. I used to say how can I look it up if I don’t know how to spell it? After she’d given me a clip round the ear for my cheek, I’d dig out the dictionary. As I searched for the elusive word I’d find many more and so my vocabulary grew significantly.  Being a little smart ass I would try and find convoluted words and learn them so I could use them in a sentence. I always hoped to get one over on my mother so I could turn around to her and say ‘Look it up’. Alas, it never happened.

All joking aside when a child is learning it’s important to create a sense of fun, joy and achievement. There’s something about being independent and finding the answer for yourself. I find if you have to go and look something up, it sticks in your brain longer. You’ve put some effort in so you’re not going to forget so readily. I realise I’m probably quite old fashioned in that regard – largely due to the emotional /memory linked with my mother, books and reading in general. I wonder if children today will have such fond memories of ‘Google’.

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