Hi there – thank you so much for visiting the online store. The Butterfly Bureau is in the process of updating its courses and worksheets so the pricing/checkout and booking system is not available at this time. Please do check back in January 2020. In the meantime if you would like to book any of the workshops or services outlined below, please email The Butterfly Bureau using the links provided.

Creative Writing Workshops

Whether you are a corporate or community organisation looking for an alternative creative workshop experience for your team or you're simply someone who would like to tap into their creativity to bring about healing and transformation in your daily life then The Butterfly Bureau runs unique workshops and experiences just for you.

Ghostwriter for hire

Got a great story idea that you'd love to turn into a book but life keeps getting in the way? Hire a professional ghostwriter

You want me to WHAT my book?

Marketing might be a swear word in your book but luckily for you The Butterfly Bureau doesn't mind a bit of bad language. We'll make sure you have the marketing in place to tell everyone about your work.

Personalised mentoring & coaching

You have an idea for a book - you just don't know where to start. PLUS you really want to be hands-on and learn how to create a manuscript that meets editorial standards without having to put yourself through college first! Sounds like a personalised mentoring & coaching package would be the perfect solution for you.